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                                            cup             bowl
Gumbo                              $3.99            $6.99
   Hearty Cajun stew served over rice
Cravin’ Fries                                           $5.99
   Our famous Fries topped w/ our special
   shrimp, crawfish tails, & crab meat creamy 
   sauce Finished off w/ onions, cilantro, & 
   spicy mayo
Crab Cakes                                            $6.99
   Served w/ house sauce
Fried Calamari                                       $6.50
Fried Mushrooms                                  $5.99
Boudin’ Link                                          $5.25
   Cajun Sausage stuffed with dirty rice
Gator Bites                                            $6.99 
Crawfish Bites                                       $5.99
   Fried Crawfish Tails
Shrimp Diablos (3)                                $4.50
   Shrimp & Jalapenos wrapped in bacon
Fried Pickles                                          $3.99
Oysters                                  ½               dz.
  Raw                                   $5.99        $10.99
   Fresh oysters on the half shell
  Grilled  (1/2dz.)                                    $8.99
   Oysters on the half shell grilled
   w/ garlic butter sauce
Cravin’ Fried Rice                               $11.99
   Our famous Fried Rice topped w/ our  
   special shrimp, crawfish tails, & crab
   meat creamy sauce. Finished off w/
   green onions & cilantro
Crawfish  Etouffee                               $10.99
   Crawfish tails cooked in butter/cream
    sauce served w/ rice
Cajun Pasta                                         $10.99
    Shrimp, tomatoes, mushrooms, bell
    peppers in a Cajun Alfredo sauce.
    Served over linguine w/ garlic bread    
Crispy Crab                                            $4.99
    Deep Fried Blue Crab
Deep fried then tossed in choice of seasoning
6 wings per order
Original Hot                                          Ranch
Lemon Pepper                                      Cajun
Garlic Butter                                           BBQ
Crawfish                                             Spice  
Blue Crabs                                           Mild
Shrimp                                               Medium
Snow Crab Legs                                   Hot
King Crab Legs                                  Atomic
   Dry rubbed Cajun seasoning
Garlic Butter
   Drenched in garlic butter sauce
House Special      
   Super Flavor... Cajun, Lemon Pepper,
   Onions, Oranges, Garlic Butter
 *Extra $1.00 (House Special)
Lightly breaded then fried
Served w/ Cajun fries & hush puppies

Butterfly Shrimp (5)                              $8.99
Popcorn Shrimp                                    $8.99
Catfish (2)                                              $8.99
Tilapia (2)                                               $8.99
Oysters (7)                                             $9.99
Chicken Tenders (4)                              $8.99
Cravin’ Basket                                     $12.99
   Shrimp (3), Catfish (1), Oysters (2)  
Lightly seasoned then grilled served w/
veggies, side salad, & dirty rice or fried rice

Shrimp (5)                                            $10.99
Catfish (2)                                             $11.99
Tilapia (2)                                              $11.99
Salmon (2)                                            $12.99
The Southern Style Sandwich made w/
mayo, spicy mayo, lettuce, tomatoes, & pickles. Served on a French baguette
All Po-Boys served w/ Cajun fries
Shrimp                                               Catfish
Oysters                                             Chicken
Spicy Sausage                                     Gator
Fried Rice                                              $9.99
   Rice stir fried w/ shrimp & chicken
Eggroll (3)                                              $3.25
   Vietnamese Style: pork, carrots, onions,
   cabbage, & vermicelli wrapped in thin
   rice paper and deep fried until crisp
   Served w/ lettuce leaves, fish sauce
   pickled carrots, & chili sauce
Gyoza (5)                                                $3.99
   Pan Fried Dumplings
   Served w/ Ponzu sauce
Com Bo Luc Lac                                   $9.25
   Rice w/ Shaken Steak cubes & onions
Com Thit Nuong                                   $7.25
   Rice w/ charbroiled sliced pork
   & an eggroll. Served w/ fish sauce
Bun Thit Nuong                                    $7.25
   Vermicelli noodles w/ charbroiled sliced
   pork & an eggroll. Served w/ lettuce,
   bean sprouts, & fish sauce

Vietnamese Noodles
Sm.           Lg.
$5.95        $6.95

Tai                                         Nam
       Eye Round Steak                 Well Done Flank
Gau                                        Gan
 Fatty Brisket                         Soft Tendon
Sach                                        Chin
       Beef Tripe                             Well Done Lean
         Bo Vien          
Meat Balls

Special Combo
Dac Biet
Corn on the Cob                               $.65/ea.
Potato                                                $.65/ea.
Sausage Link                                        $1.99
Fries                                                       $2.99
Cajun Fries                                            $3.25
Sweet Potato Fries                               $3.50
Onion Rings                                          $3.50
Garlic Bread (2)                                       $.99
Hush Puppies (3)                                    $.99
Mac n Cheese Bites (4)                         $1.99
Corn Bites (5)                                        $1.25
Salad                                                      $1.50
Dirt Rice                                                 $1.50
Fried Rice                                              $1.50
Steamed Rice                                        $1.25
Beignet Sundae                                     $4.50
   Beignet Sticks w/ a scoop of
   Vanilla Ice Cream
   Drizzled w/ chocolate & carmel 
Ice Cream                                              $1.99
   Vanilla, Chocolate, Green Tea
Cheese Cake                                         $2.75
Soda                                                      $1.99
   Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite, Diet Coke, Dr. 
   Pepper, Pink Lemonade, Strawberry,
Iced Tea                                                 $1.99
   Sweet / Unsweet
Dasani Bottle Water                              $1.99
Fresh OJ                                                $2.50

*** Prices subject to change without notice!!!***
*** WARNING: This facility offers raw oysters from the Gulf of Mexico. Eating these oysters may cause severe illness and
even death in persons who have liver disease, cancer or other chronic illness that weaken the immune system. If you eat raw oysters and become ill, you should seek immediate medical attention. If you are unsure if you are at risk, you should consult your physician. ***